Knowledge fair

KnowInG "Creativity Lab"

The KnowInG Creativity Lab was held in Faro, on 29 June 2011, in the framework of KnowIng Project. There were 18 participants among entrepreneurs, SME managers and University Students. From the Lab resulted 5 businesses ideas:” K2” (Promotional campaign of regional products); “Doi Doi Toy” (Pediatric Diagnostic Devices, fun and ergonomic); “Pensa Rápido” (plasters for children and youth); “Uflip” (vending machine with multitouch technology 3D, to produce, on time, personalized slippers); and “Travel to the Senses” (an event of virtual reality to promote the region).

In.FLOW.ence Model for territorial governance - Model for simulation and valuation of quality of living

The main issue of the model was to enable a comprehensive approach towards understanding and supporting the effective interdependence between spatial characteristics, economic possibilities, and social values, living and working needs of people and routines and quality of life (living and working environment). The starting point has been that the time matters a lot, not only regarding its quantity available or spent for certain activities to achieve desired results, but also its quality. That means, is it spent in a good or a bad way according to society or personal values.

Texmedin Design Challenge

In the international scenery of T&C design and production, the valorization of heritage and history as preserved in private and public archives is playing an increasingly important role for the creation of new collections of fabrics and garments.

Texmedin Digital Library

The TEXMEDIN project has broken new ground in many areas, and taken on challenges which are far more important than they may appeare at first sight.

One of its most important achievements is the creation of the TEXMEDIN Digital Library (TDL), which was opened to the public in the spring of 2010 and was the source of inspiration for the participants in the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge as they prepared their projects.

ALBI Model - Local Balance of Innovation

The ALBI model is a methodology for supporting the effort of subregional authorities to build up an agenda for innovation. It must be conceived as a tool for advanced policy making. There is no central point of decision, no unique coordinating institution, no simple decision making framework. The starting point of ALBI model are, that innovation is the outcome of many activities and many actors: Industrial system, Universities, public research institutions Financial intermediaries and demand conditions.

CreaMED Open Book

OpenBook is a collection of examples of creative initiatives in the Mediterranean Region (90 pages the EN version). The idea of this collecting book was to present different initiatives remarkably done in CREAMED partners’ regions around creativity. The idea was to present different initiatives remarkably done in the regions involved in the project around creativity; whether we talk about an expert and its vision, an entrepreneur’s concept, a regional policy or an event about creativity, you will be able to find some ideas to gain creativity, in this collecting book. The book includes:

CreaMED creative training

CreaMED creative Training Methodology and specific training designed to train companies in the creative process and creative tools to solve daily company’s problems or to generate new ideas.