Knowledge seminar

Sha.p.e.s. Knowledge seminar in Rhodes

What were the tools presented during the knowledge seminar in Rhodes?

Discover them one by one ...

- CreaMed OpenBook - CERTH: OpenBook is a collection of examples of creative initiatives in the Mediterranean Region (90 pages in EN version)

- Smart – FAMCP: tools to boost the participations of SMEs to network and clusters and to develop strategies for the marketing of innovative ideas.

Sha.p.e.s. Knowledge seminar in Gerace

The main objective of this seminar, wich took place 8th June 2014 in Gerace, was to share between project partnership and aexternal participants the good practices develop during the Med projet Inflowence and Texmedine and the knowledge linked to these two good practices.

Presentation 1. The INFLOWENCE participatory model

A presentation of the participation method developed in the context of Med Inflowence project was given by Loredana Panetta and Alessandra Tuzza.

Sha.p.e.s. Knowledge seminar in Seville

IAT organized the Launching Conference of SHAPES Project, which took place in Seville on October the 1st 2013. The event was considered as the starting point of the project and it entailed the presentation of the 15 outputs to be capitalized in the framework of this project coming from the 10 former MED projects which take part in this project.

During the knowledge seminar were presented two products of CreaMED project:

Sha.p.e.s. Knowledge seminar in Lucca

The Province of Lucca organized the Knowledge Seminar entitled “On Line Knowledge and Sharing” of SHAPES project in the “Palazzo Ducale” building, Napoleon Square, 1 - 55100 - LUCCA, second floor, “Accademia I” room.